Trust in God

Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you.

Psalm 55:22

Human beings are living longer than ever before, yet many feel less and less satisfied. In today’s fast-paced life, people often feel so pressured and stressed, so full of pain, disappointment, and hopelessness that they are willing to risk their health and even their lives on almost anything that promises relief. Discouragement, bitterness, and anger leave your body exhausted and weaken the immune system. God has promised to lift these burdens if we bring them to Him.

Stress is one of the major causes of disease and death in our times. People are living in a state of extended alert for an impending emergency. Worry and fear are burning us out. Fresh air and good, vigorous exercise help to relieve this stress to some extent, but only trust in the sustaining and restorative power of the Creator can give true and full peace and rest.

Many who are otherwise healthy carry within themselves a deep longing for something more. We all long for a greater purpose and meaning in life. The ultimate lifestyle includes not just health and fitness; it also includes spiritual growth. Trust in God supplies a missing piece in our lives. Many people even find a relationship with God to be the key to success in achieving a healthful lifestyle.

To trust Him we must get to know Him. Invest some time, get better acquainted.  Take time for stillness, away from the busyness and noise of your everyday life. Take some time to step back and think about what is truly important to you. Spend some time reading the Bible. This is God’s special letter to us. The Bible will strengthen our minds and give us new hope and direction.

Photo by Jessica Delp on Unsplash