Prep for May 14...and 21, 2022

[Update May 15: Oh yeah, most youth were camping, so...same prep for May 21 :) ]

About Last Sabbath

Last Sabbath we wrapped up our study on the Trinity.  With a better understanding of what the Bible tells us about the the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and how they work as a unit, we can better understand our relationship with our Maker.  Aside perhaps from further discussion from the More Than Words section, we're ready to start our next lesson.

For Next Sabbath

The objective of Lesson 3. The Great Controversy is for students to observe the nature of evil and the core issues of how people can better understand the character of God, such as the traits of freedom, will, love, and war.  

Ahead of our dive into the lesson together in Sabbath school class, look at the openers to Lesson 3. The Great ControversyOpen Question, Opening Story, and Life of Christ.

tl;dr for May 14...and 21