Prep for May 7, 2022

About Last Sabbath

Our study on the Lesson 2. The Trinity focused on God the Son.  In addition to the study verses and accompanying We Believe statement for God the Son, we had a great discussion surrounding a couple of "challenge questions."

Challenge Questions

As we study different fundamental belief topics in the ChristWise guide, we will supplement the study with challenge questions.  Challenge questions can be thoughtful discussion prompts brought up rather organically by one of the youth.  When planned by the facilitators, the challenge questions will be based on common struggles people have with the topic at hand, how to connect the belief to current events/times, how the belief can deepen our relationship with/understanding of God, etc.  The hope is that these challenge questions will take the study from introduction of a belief to a more thoughtful anchoring of that belief.

Last Sabbath's challenge questions sparked some interesting comments and conclusions.  We compared the study on the Son to the study on the Father and realized that both were stated as having created.  How could they both individually have created? 

Also, how was Christ's human-divine nature while on Earth possible?  And when Satan accuses that God's law is unfair or impossible to fulfill, how could Christ's nature (having access to divinity) still be considered a 'fair fight' against Satan's accusations?  This is a potential sticking point for those who struggle with the concept of the Trinity and feeds into the validity of Christ's role in settling the Great Controversy.

In a nutshell, the answer to both challenge questions revolves around the Son's full reliance on the Father.  The Father endows the Son with his creative and healing power.

Prep for Next Sabbath

In the lesson's We Believe section, study the last portion, The Holy Spirit.  And, begin any of the three reflective sections that close out the lesson.

tl;dr for May 7